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Zhengzhou FengHua Industrial Co.(Hereinafter referred to as "Fenghua Company"),"National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base""China Association of Museums Cultural Relics and Ancient Books Protection and Restoration Technology Research and Development Center and Equipment Production Base""Director Unit of China Association of Museums""Executive Director Unit of China Association for the Protection of Ancient Books"State Administration of Cultural HeritageMinistry of industry"Cultural relic Protection Equipment Industrialization and application cooperative working platform Manager Unit""Director Unit of Internet of Things Technology Innovation Alliance in the Field of Cultural Relics Protection""Internet of Things Engineering Technology Center for Cultural Relics Protection of Henan Province"etc, National "High and New Technology Enterprise".In 2016 and 2017, the product "high-definition Photography and Restoration Instrument for calligraphy and painting ancient Books", jointly developed with Henan Museum "Fine Storage Cabinet of cultural relics and ancient books", won the "National Top Ten Cultural and Museum Technology Products" for two consecutive years.In August 2016, Fenghua Company was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) (stock code: 838569)Possess "removable cultural relics restoration qualification" (business scope: cultural relics preservation micro-environment control technology protection).In 2018 and 2019, Fenghua won the "National Top Ten Cultural and Expo Technology Products and Services Honors" and the Excellence Award for the third and fourth consecutive times (the special constant temperature and humidity system for the Internet of Things-type cultural relics warehouse, and the digital lighting system for cultural relics).

In 2001, Fenghua Company cooperated with the Palace Museum to jointly develop the first domestic "Chinese calligraphy, painting and textile cleaning device" with an invention patent, entering the field of cultural relics and culture.For several years, In the field of Internet of Things cultural relics protection environmental monitoring and control,Intelligent showcase and digital lighting system,The field of special restoration equipment for cultural relics protection,The integration of exhibition design and construction, the integration of design and construction of cultural protection center and the provision of equipment and facilities, etc.Form the core advantages of the industry.Cultural relics protection technology equipment is widely used in:The Palace Museum, National Library, Capital Museum, Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution, China's First Historical Archives, Henan Museum, Inner Mongolia Museum, Shanxi Museum, Hubei Provincial Museum, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Hainan Provincial Museum, Tian One Pavilion and other more than 600 museums, libraries and archives across the country.For more than 100 museums, libraries and archives, the Internet of Things cultural relics preservation environment remote monitoring and control service has been established. Zhengzhou Fenghua has achieved "monitorable, controllable and sustainable" monitoring and control of cultural relic preservation environment, and does its best to provide services.

As an industry standard and group standard participating and main drafting unit and leading drafting unit, completed the "Basic Requirements for Environmental Monitoring Terminals for Preservation of Cultural Relics in Collections", "Temperature and Humidity for Environmental Monitoring Terminals for Preservation of Cultural Relics in Collections", and "Technical Requirements for Purification and Humidity Control Devices for Preservation of Cultural Relics in Collections" , Technical Requirements for Intelligent Storage Cabinets for Exhibition Collection of Cultural Relics in Collections and other 30 related standards for cultural relics protection equipment;Take the lead in drafting the standard formulation of "Constant Temperature and Humidity Purification System for Museum Warehouses and Exhibition Halls", serve as a member of the "Sub-Technical Committee for Cultural Relics Protection Special Facilities of the National Cultural Relics Protection Standardization Technical Committee", and participate in the revision of national standards and industry standards in this field.

The company has a production and research and development base covering an area of 24 acres, located in Baisha Industrial Park, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou. It has built a complete production workshop, research and development center, testing center, finished product warehouse, and exhibition center.

In 2016, Fenghua Company established Henan Huaxia Wenyuan Exhibition Co., Ltd. under the guidance of Henan Museum.Through "transmitting the cultural value behind cultural relics in a smart way", give full play to the concept of smart museum construction, and provide integrated services for the design and construction, script compilation, intelligent construction, and construction of cultural relics restoration and protection centers for various large and medium-sized cultural museums in China. perfect, sustainable operation and maintenance services.Since its establishment, Henan Huaxia Wenyuan Exhibition Co., Ltd. has participated in the cultural preservation of Inner Mongolia Museum, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, Shandong Museum, Jinan Museum, Qingdao Museum, Anyang Museum, Puyang City Museum, Taihe Museum and Hunan Institute of Archaeology Center construction and many other museum construction projects.