SENSOR(Temperature and humidity sensor)

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Product Introduction

letter of   agreement

standard protocol

Working frequency


(Multi-band   optional: IN865/EU868/RU864/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923, etc.)

transmit power


Receiver sensitivity

-147dBm @300bps

Network access/work mode



collection range


Acquisition   accuracy

Within the   range of 0°C~70°C: ±0.3°C, within the range of -20°C~0°C: ±0.6°C


collection range

0%~100% RH

Acquisition   accuracy

10%~90% RH   range: ±3%, other ranges: ±5%


2.13-inch black and white electronic ink screen


Support   USB Type-C or NFC configuration (mobile APP or Windows software)

The wireless sensor monitoring terminal is independently developed and designed by Zhengzhou Fenghua, with built-in temperature, humidity, light, infrared detection, TVOC, CO2, atmospheric pressure and other sensors, helping us to continuously monitor environmental changes in offices, bedrooms, museums and other spaces, and adjust in time.

The product is based on standard protocols, adopts low-power design, supports battery and external power supply, and is convenient for battery replacement.

The product adopts E-ink electronic ink screen, which can view environmental data in real time, and can also combine cloud platform and APP for remote real-time monitoring.

Sensors create intelligent security for cultural relics and are used for environmental monitoring of cultural relics preservation.

01 Ultra-high precision

The lifespan of cultural relics should be a hundred or a thousand years.

Therefore, if the trace damage in the cultural relic preservation environment accumulates over time, it will greatly accelerate the corrosion of the cultural relics.

We adopt the most accurate sensor chip and innovative detection principle in the same form, and keenly identify various hazards from the environment.

02 Using wireless communication

The use of wireless communication enables rapid deployment of equipment.

Most of the objects of environmental monitoring of cultural relics preservation are buildings that have been built or have a long history.

Therefore, the use of traditional wired sensors is lengthy and the workload is huge.

This series of sensors combines LORA, NBIOT, WIFI, ZIGBEE, Bluetooth and other wireless communication methods, combined with the sensor network formed by gateways and relays, which can quickly cover the entire building with communication signals.

In the case of obtaining authorization, the information of the sensor can be viewed in real time through the interconnection.


03 Small size

Small size.

Since the sensor is often placed in the same space as the cultural relics in the exhibition environment, the pursuit of the ultimate compact size and harmony with the exhibition effect is a major feature of this series of products.

Among the sensors of the same function, we can achieve the smallest volume.


04 Ultra-low power consumption

Ultra low power consumption.

Battery power for sensors is a prerequisite for wireless deployment.

For sensor networks with many nodes, frequent battery replacement is terrible.

Through the patented low-power control technology, this series of sensors can achieve a 2-year battery replacement cycle, which greatly reduces the workload of maintenance.


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