META Constant Humidity Machine

Video Introduction

Product Introduction

META constant humidity machine is widely used in museums and other exhibition places that require constant humidity.

This humidifier can control the humidity in free-standing cabinets and overhead cabinets, and is suitable for the preservation of collections of various materials.


Key performance parameters: (due to product improvement, the following parameters may be updated)


Power supply: AC220V50Hz

Maximum dehumidification capacity: 60g/h (test environment 27°C, 90%RH)

Compressor maximum power: 120W

Refrigerant: R134a

Maximum air volume: 15m3/h

Humidity control range: 30-70±3%

The maximum power of the whole machine: 300W

Dimensions: 500×420×160mm

Weight: 18kg

Fluorine filling amount: 230g


ü  Can produce accurate and stable ambient humidity

ü  Suitable for the preservation of collections of various materials

ü  Accurate control of evaporation temperature and inlet air temperature

ü  There will be no excessive dehumidification, and the refrigeration system can be prevented from entering the defrosting mode through program control, so that the humidistat can continuously provide air that meets the demand.

ü  Can adapt to changes in ambient temperature. Within the temperature range of the constant humidity machine, it can provide low-humidity air stably without causing great fluctuations in the cabinet.

ü  The minimum height of the constant humidity machine can be 160mm, which can fit into the bottom space of most showcases.

ü  Compared with the semiconductor refrigerator, the energy consumption ratio of the compressor refrigeration system is lower and more energy-saving.