Networked Constant Temperature and Humidity Control Set

Video Introduction

Product Introduction

This collection air control set has a main unit and an outdoor unit. It is widely used in collection storage, archives, computer rooms, laboratories, precision machinery manufacturing and other places that have strict requirements on temperature and humidity.



Refrigeration accessories include COPELAND digital scroll compressor, internal threaded copper tube hydrophilic aluminum fin high-efficiency heat exchanger, DANFOSS, Emerson and other refrigeration accessories.

l  Equipped with a large volume air purification device

l  Need separate space

l  Connected to the space to be controlled through ventilation ducts



ü  Suitable for almost all kinds of collections

ü  Superior performance

ü  High energy efficiency

ü  Easy to use

ü  Stable control

ü  Networked remote maintenance

ü  With wireless communication function

ü  The data of the equipment can be viewed on the software

ü  If authorized, our company can provide technical services for remote maintenance