Constant Temperature and Humidity Storage Cabinet

Video Introduction

Product Introduction

It is widely used in the storage of collections that require a certain temperature and humidity.



Refrigeration accessories include piston compressor, internal thread copper tube hydrophilic aluminum fin high-efficiency heat exchanger, etc.

l  Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

l  Dehumidification capacity: 50g/h

l  Compressor power: 120 W

l  Refrigerant: R134a

l  Humidification capacity: 20g/h

l  Air volume: 132 m3/h

l  Temperature control range: 1824±1℃

l  Maximum power: 260W

l  Humidity control range: 4060±5%RH

l  Maximum current: 2A

l  Dimensions: 2700×750×1900mm



ü  Superior performance

ü  High energy efficiency

ü  Easy to use

ü  Stable control

ü  Networked remote maintenance

ü  With wireless communication function

ü  The data of the equipment can be viewed on the software

ü  If authorized, our company can provide technical services for remote maintenance