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Product Introduction

Constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet, choose famous brand piston compressor, internal thread copper tube hydrophilic aluminum fin type high efficiency heat exchanger refrigeration accessories.

With superior performance, high energy efficiency ratio, simple operation, stable control, beautiful appearance and other characteristics,


It is widely used in cultural relic storeroom where the requirements for cultural relic storage are higher, as an independent space to maintain stable temperature and humidity.

Ensure independent space internal constant temperature and humidity effect

Power source: AC220V / 50 hz            

Dehumidification capacity: 50g/h

Compressor power: 120 W               

Cooling agent: R134a

Humidification capacity: 20g/h

Air volume: 132 m3/h

Temperature control range: 18 ~ 24±1℃

Maximum power: 260 W

Humidity control range: 40 to 60± 5% RH

Maximum current: 2A

Dimensions: 2700×750×1900mm


Online remote maintenance

Each device has wireless communication capabilities

Users can easily check the data of the device through the network

with authorization

Our company can provide technical services for remote maintenance

Managed device operation

Great convenience for customers

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