Single Door Constant Temperature and Humidity Storage Cabinet

Video Introduction

Product Introduction

It is suitable for almost all kinds of collections, including inorganic materials such as bronzes, gold and silverware, and ceramics, and organic materials such as silk, fur, paper calligraphy and painting, and magnetic tapes.



l  The relative humidity can be set between 40%RH-60%RH.

l  Temperature control range: 18-26°C.

l  Humidity control range: 40--60%RH.

l  Power supply and power: 220V±10%/50Hz; 0.50.8KW.

l  Overall size: 1300(L)*750(W)*1900(H)mm

l  Weight: 350Kg.

l  Water quality requirements: in line with GB/T6682-2008 standard, it is recommended to use pure water or treated softened water



ü  Pest Resistant, Mold Resistant.

ü  Integrated design of control cabinet and storage cabinet

ü  With padded, height-adjustable drawers and panels, accessories available

ü  Automatic temperature and humidity control

ü  All data can be viewed

ü  Remote control system

ü  Equipped with high-duty silent mobile casters and leveling feet, air-tight pressurized hidden lock handle, safety lock

ü  Double-layer steel plate structure, with vacuum insulation board and polyurethane in the interlayer for good heat preservation, moisture retention and sealing performance.

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