Video Introduction

Product Introduction

Size: 900mm*600mm*820mm

the motor is a 24V DC motor, low voltage safety

The size of the dipping pool is: length 720*width 520 (if a wider format is required, it can be customized separately)

Dye bath temperature control range: 20 ° ~ 100 ° (can be set by yourself)

Pallet lifting speed: optional within the speed range of 20-50 mm/s

Rated supply voltage: 24V±10%----50Hz

Power: 500W

Body weight: 55KG

In the restoration of paper documents such as calligraphy and painting, ancient books, and archival paper, new rice paper needs to be dyed to match the restored object.

Specific temperature, convenient and fast, even dyeing

Dyeing dyes require specific temperatures to ensure uniform coloration.

The "Ancient Books Restoration Dyeing Machine" can ensure the temperature of the dyes for a long time, and can evenly dye the paper in batches conveniently and quickly.

By dipping and dyeing paper of different materials into a color similar to the old calligraphy and painting, the old books of calligraphy and painting are repaired, so as to achieve the purpose of making up for the old with the old.