Video Introduction

Product Introduction

Model: FHX-ZHQX-2 Size: 1000*800*860 mm

Model: FHX-ZHQX-4 Size: 1500*1000*860 mm

Model: FHX-ZHQX-6 Size: 1800*1200*860 mm

Model: FHX-ZHQX-8 Size: 2100*1200*860 mm

Maximum cleaning size: 800×600mm; 1300×800mm; 1600×1000mm; 1900×1000mm;

Vacuum degree inside the machine (maximum): -600Pa

Maximum suction capacity: 150m3/h

Water consumption (maximum): 1 m3/h

Ultrasonic frequency not less than: 45KHz

Continuous maximum hot water consumption: 40L/time

Hot water temperature: 65°C

Water quality: pure water     Filtration accuracy: 0.4μm

Noise: 50dB(A)  Vibration: <15μm

Mainly used in the cleaning and repair of ancient calligraphy, archives and other paper documents and textiles.

The equipment uses the principle of vertical water washing and negative pressure suction,Run the heated water vertically across the surface of the paper or fabric to dissolve and remove stains in between.

This innovative cleaning method is safe and efficient, and completely avoids the occurrence of "running ink" and other phenomena.

This device can be used to moisten the stuck paper sufficiently to allow it to be lifted easily.

This equipment can also be used to soak textiles.


01 Cleaning function

02 Stupid painting function

03Case Display