Video Introduction

Product Introduction

1. The width of the paper that can be dyed is ≤1100 mm (if the paper needs a wider format, it can be customized separately);

2. The temperature control range of the dye bath: 20°C~ 80°C (can be set by yourself);

3. The lifting speed range of the dyeing rod: 0~100 mm/s (can be adjusted by yourself);

4. Input voltage: 220V 50HZ, operating voltage: AC 220V to DC 24V;

5. Power: 300W;

6. Body dimensions: 1350 (length) × 750 (width) × 2200 (height) mm;

7. Body weight: 50KG.

In the restoration of paper documents such as calligraphy and painting, ancient books, and archives, it is necessary to dye new rice paper to match the restored object.

Dyeing dyes require specific temperatures to ensure uniform coloration.

The "Ancient Book Restoration Dyeing Machine" can ensure the temperature of the dye for a long time,The paper can be uniformly dyed in batches conveniently and quickly.

By dipping paper of different materials into a color similar to the ancient calligraphy and painting,To repair the old books of calligraphy and painting, so as to achieve the purpose of making up for the old with the old.


01 Dye constant temperature function


02 Convenient cooling paper holder


03Automatic drawing and dyeing function at a constant speed


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